I Kick Ass!

I kick ass.
I will kick yours through the grass.
I like the feel of gas flying through my big, fat ass.
I kick ass.
I will lodge my sneakers up your
Big, fat, stanky, hairy ass.
I kick ass.

I kick your ass!
He kicks my ass!
We kick their ass!
I kick ass!

The old right hand,
She aint what she used to be.
I like the way she used to spank my monkey happily.
When I itch,
I rub up against a tree,
It seems to work for me.
My right hand.

Jerk off!
Jack off!
Beat off!
Get off!
My right hand!

I look like this:
Or I would, if I lived in Springfield.

I used to look like this:

About forty years ago...

This woman said "Yes" to me:

I'm one lucky mofo.

Oh, by the way, I have a machine room.

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